New Year’s Resolutions for Better Oral Health

New Year’s Resolutions for Better Oral Health

It’s the New Year; many of us start thinking about making better diet and health choices, especially after indulging over the holidays! A great resolution is cutting back on sugar, which is a great idea for your dental health.

Here are some easy steps to keeping your resolution:

  • Drink more water: Believe it or not, drinking water can help curb your cravings. We often mistake dehydration for hunger, resulting in sugar cravings and a desire to eat.
  • Clear out the junk food: Cutting back on sugar starts by clearing it out of your home. Toss uneaten holiday treats, over-processed and sugary foods. Sugary drinks like sodas are high in acids that soften enamel contributing to the formation of cavities.
  • Read labels: Replace the snacks you just threw away with healthier options. Keep an eye out for the sneaky sugar substitutes on food labels like molasses and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Snack healthy: When you’re sugary craving sneaks up on you, have the right snacks on hand. Choose fruits that are naturally sweet like berries and grapes. If you crave something cold like a milkshake, try blending some plain Greek yogurt and berries to make a delicious smoothie.

In addition to your diet, make sure that you see us at least every six months for a dental cleaning and check up. A professional dental cleaning will remove the tarter buildup that you’re not able to reach by brushing and flossing. Call Center for Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry at 770-995-1957 with any questions you may have and our team members will be happy to assist you in making the right steps to a healthier you!