How Your Diet Affects Your Smile

How Your Diet Affects Your Smile

It is well known that your diet affects your general health, weight and even well-being. However, your diet also affects your smile. Puttingnutrition good foods into your body ensures that it stays running properly. Learn about some tooth-healthy foods to keep your smile healthy and happy with Center for Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA.

Teeth-Healthy Foods for Your Smile

  • Yogurt: Packed with probiotics, calcium and protein, yogurt is good for your gums and your teeth. Flavored yogurt is notoriously packed with sugar, so try to choose the plain variety.
  • Cheese: Like yogurt, cheese and other dairy products are a great source of calcium, which helps strengthen your teeth’s enamel.
  • Leafy Greens: Leafy greens like kale contain many vitamins and minerals which can benefit your teeth.
  • Crunchy Vegetables: Crunchy veggies like apples and carrots are high in fiber and help promote saliva production in the mouth. Increased saliva helps wash away bacteria and food particles, helping avoid tooth decay.
  • Water: Water contains no sugars, added flavors or calories, making it the ideal choice of beverage for your body and your teeth alike. Additionally, drinking a glass of water after other beverages like coffee or tea can help wash away the bacteria and acids from these drinks, helping decrease the chance of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Nuts: Nuts like almonds are low in sugar and high in vitamins and protein. A handful of nuts a day can help keep your body and smile healthy.

Healthy Teeth in Lawrenceville, GA
While your diet affects your smile, your dental hygiene routine keeps it in tip-top shape. Patients with an average risk of tooth decay or gum disease should schedule a dental appointment at least twice a year for a cleaning by their dental hygienist and examination by their dentist. Additionally, children and adults should brush their teeth at least twice daily for two minutes. They should also floss at least once daily and, if they choose, use a mouthwash after flossing. If you opt for mouthwash, do not rinse your mouth afterward to allow the mouthwash to settle on the teeth and do its job.

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