Ways a Root Canal Can Help Your Smile

Ways a Root Canal Can Help Your Smile

Fillings aren't the only treatments your dentist offers to protect your smile. Root canal therapy, performed to treat inflammations or infections deep inside your tooth pulp, not only helps you avoid tooth loss but provides other benefits. The therapy is among the services offered by your Buford, Dacula and Lawrenceville, GA, dentists at the Center for Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry.

How root canal therapy can help your smile

During root canal therapy, your Buford, Dacula or Lawrenceville dentist removes the soft pulp in the center of your tooth and replaces it with a durable, rubber-based filling. Root canals are performed using a local anesthetic for your comfort. Oral sedation is also available for patients with anxiety about their dental procedures. Benefits of root canal therapy include:

  • No More Pain: Pulp inflammations and infections can be very painful. As the problem inside your tooth worsens, pain can become constant and may even keep you up at night. Biting, chewing and consuming hot, cold, or sugary foods and beverages can increase your pain. Root canal therapy eliminates the source of your pain, ending your uncomfortable symptoms.
  • No Change to Your Appearance: Without root canal therapy, your inflamed or infected tooth will have to be pulled. Losing a tooth may seem like a minor issue until you look in the mirror and see a gap in your smile. Thanks to your root canal, your appearance will stay the same.
  • Preservation of Your Tooth: Your appearance isn't the only problem if you lose a tooth. After the loss of a tooth, your other teeth may begin to drift and overlap, causing a change to your bite. Tooth loss can also cause part of your jawbone to shrink due to decreased stimulation from your roots. Fortunately, root canal therapy allows you to keep your tooth and avoid these potential consequences. Despite the removal of the pulp, your tooth will continue to function normally. You'll be able to continue to use it to bite and chew your favorite foods.

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